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I hope these inspirational quotes and positive thoughts for the day bring you joy and serenity and strengthen your faith and hope as you travel through life one day at a time. My name is Mary and I want to welcome you to my page of positive thoughts. I hope it will be uplifting for you. We all need times to get away, take a break, let go of stress, and relax a little. Just for today or for an hour or only a few minutes I hope you have a joyful journey as you browse here. If you cannot look at everything today come back when you can, or when you need to brighten your day.

We all need more positive uplifting things in our life these days. At times we need to get away from some of the everyday stress. As I continue to build on this page I hope to share many positive, pleasant and humorous things. I will hope that you leave this site renewed and refreshed and hopefully you will feel as serene as if you had been touched by an angel and that you will want to pass this way again. I hope your experience brings you back again and again just because it lifts your spirits and brightens your day.

I am not experienced at writing and probably only considered intermediate at computer use, but I wanted to try to contribute something positive to the internet and share things I have enjoyed. This text originated in 1998. Here is one to start with that is a favorite of mine 'SOMETIMES'.


Daremore Quotes

In the following are many of the really nice uplifiting pages I have found on the Internet.
There are so many and due to space I try to be selective and chose special ones.